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Paramotor Courses

SkySchool UAE runs the following Paramotor courses:

Online Theory Course

The Online Theory course includes lecture videos, short quizzes, downloadable PDFs, the Pilot Exam and more. It is an excellent way for students to gain theoretical knowledge while learning the sport's terminology before starting their practical course. It does not replace training with a qualified Instructor! The course is available worldwide and costs $135 (AED 495). We suggest you watch the Tutorial for the course first before enrolling in it here.

Tandem Flight

Tandem ParaTrike flights are available in the mornings and afternoons in the desert, approximately 35 minutes from Downtown Dubai. They are a great introduction to the sport and make a fantastic gift. The standard price is AED 1,200 and AED 1,500 with a video. To make a booking contact us.

Pilot Course

The Pilot course is designed for complete beginners and at the end of the course students should attain the APPI PPG Pilot license. The 20 hour Pilot Course costs AED 10,000 with all kit, fuel and log books included. The courses are run on an ad hoc, first come, first served basis. To make a booking or for further information contact us.

Further Information

Start times vary depending upon the weather however you will be made aware of these in advance of your course. Students should bring appropriate footwear (ankle supporting boots are recommended), water, food, suncream and suitable clothing for the time of year. To make a booking or for further information contact us.


Do I need a license to fly a Paramotor?

You do not need a licence to fly a Paramotor in the UAE yet, however, this may change in the future. The APPI PPG Pilot Licence is therefore a useful thing for Pilots to attain.

Do I need to have a medical to sit a Paramotor course?

You do not need to have a medical to sit a Paramotor course. However, if you have any health or physical issues, we suggest you ask your Doctor for advice prior to sitting the course. If you are taking any medication or have an existing medical condition which may impede your training, please let us know.

How long does it take to learn to paramotor?

On average it usually takes 6 days of Paramotor Training to learn how to go solo on a Paramotor but they still require instruction. It usually takes 12 days of Paramotor Training to learn how to fly safely without an instructor. At the end of the 12 day course students should have completed at least 15 solo flights, logged more than 3 hours flying solo and passed the exam in order to attain the APPI PPG Pilot license. Having attained the APPI PPG Pilot license students can then buy equipment at discounted prices through us having test flown our range of kit and been advised by the SkySchool Team on what is suitable for them.

How old do I need to be to learn how to Paramotor?

You need to be at least 16 years old and have parental permission to sit a Paramotor Course with SkySchool. For those younger than 16 years old, we can provide ground handling instruction and in some cases, Tandem flights, yet again, with parental permission.

How safe is Paramotoring?

Paramotoring is as safe as you are! Statistically, it is the safest form of Powered Flight. This is due to the slow speeds Paramotors fly at compared to other aircraft. It is also because most pilots only fly in suitable weather and in a responsible manner having received professional instruction and bought high quality equipment. As long as the Paramotoring community continues to follow these principles, the sport will maintain its high safety record.

Is learning to Fly a Paramotor hard?

Learning to fly a Paramotor can be very easy for some people and quite hard for others. Due to the physical aspect of the sport, the fitter you are the easier it is to learn how to Paramotor initially. However, the Paramotor Course is designed to cater for those with different levels of fitness. Also, the Paramotor Course is designed to be run at the pace of the individual.

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